About Barclay Pharmacy: Consulting Pharmacy, Compounding Pharmacy, Wheelchair Rentals, Medical Equipment and Supplies, and more.

Barclay Pharmacy, Friendly and Knowledgeable Pharmacy Services in Venice, FL

We have over 42 years of experience serving the area and providing quality service. Many of our patients express frustration after having gone to chain pharmacies. Usually, they are frustrated with the level of service they receive. Getting medication questions answered, specialized medical equipment or customized prescriptions all seem to be services no longer available.

However, at Barclay Pharmacy, you will get the customized and personal attention you need for your well-being and peace of mind.

Come see how we are different.

  • Locally-owned since 1979
  • Consulting pharmacy services to help you understand your medication
  • Compounding services
  • Medical equipment and supplies delivery
  • FREE DELIVERY of prescription medications
  • Health screenings including blood pressure screenings
  • Vitamin counseling
  • Fax, copier, and notary services

Consulting Pharmacy

At Barclay Pharmacy, we are committed to serving our community with quality consulting pharmacy services. This means we answer the questions you have and go further to help you understand what your medication does and how it can be tailored to you. Your doctor would have prescribed your medication as part of your well-being or to treat an ailment. Now Barclay Pharmacy will make sure you are taking the medication in the way best for you. This can mean a special compound, a different method (liquid vs pill) or remixed to avoid allergies.

Anytime you have a question about the medication you are taking or how to use something you have purchased; we are here to talk to you. The drug market is constantly changing as is our inventory. For example, if you have a new prescription to replace a previous medicine and want to know the difference, we will be happy to help. If you need consultation to know how to take your medicine, know about side effects or anything else, we are happy to provide it.

Barclay Pharmacy offers FREE DELIVERY for your Prescription Medication


Home Delivery

We know how hard it is to travel when you need heavy-duty medical equipment and supplies. That is why we can bring the equipment to you. Many of our customers have recently suffered some sort of trauma and now need special assistance in the way of supplies such as mobility assistance devices. We have access to a large supply of mobility equipment including scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, braces, crutches, hospital beds, and beds. Everything is hard enough when you are injured and recovering or have a medical condition. Let us help you with medical supply delivery in Venice, Venice Beach, Nokomis, Osprey FL, and the surrounding areas.