Located in Venice, Florida, Barclay Pharmacy provides fast, friendly, and accurate pharmacy services. Free delivery of medical equipment to your home or office.

When it comes to your health, the choice is simple – choose Barclay
Pharmacy in Venice, Florida.


Barclay Pharmacy

We have been serving the area and providing quality service since 1979. We go above and beyond even offering free home delivery service for prescriptions when needed. In addition to prescription medication and medical supplies, we offer several additional courtesy services. You can come to us for health screenings, notary services, faxes, and copies to name a few.

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See what the locals are saying:

  • By far, the kindest and most knowledgeable pharmacist in the entire area. Bye CVS!

    - Naomi.

  • Barclay pharmacy is the best hometown pharmacy you could ever experience! Dr. Barclay and his team go above and beyond to help my elderly mother with all her prescriptions and questions, always recommending how to save money and giving excellent suggestions on staying healthy, they really do care about everyone ...

    - Pat T.

  • Dr.Barclay and his staff are by far the friendliest and most knowledgeable team at any pharmacy I’ve experienced. I love the hometown feel, And the delivery service they provide no matter if it’s one prescription or multiple. Being in the medical field I have sent patients over to Dr. Barclay ...

    - Dr. Joseph G.

  • The kindest, most informative employees I’ve ever met. Barclay Pharmacy truly cares!!!

    - Patrick J.

  • What a great place. Not only do they really care about you, but they also go out of their way to answer questions. No more Walgreens!

    - Donna Z.

  • Most wonderful owner and very friendly and helpful workers. thank you!

    - Robert R.

  • I love the fact that everyone is so nice. Has the hometown feel where they will go out of their way to help you. They even deliver my prescriptions to my workplace. They all go above and beyond!

    - Traci B.

  • It’s a great place to pick up my meds, no waiting, no hassle, and they are nice to me!! I’ll NEVER go back to Walgreens or CVS!!!!  

    - Carolyn P.

  • Very knowledgeable and friendly

    - David M.

  • Great service and very friendly

    - Sean

  • Great place to go

    - Tara

  • This place is fantastic Mr. Barclay is the greatest great help good service excellent products

    - Dave F.

  • Needed a place to send out a fax. Went to the local library on the island and couldn't believe they don't send out faxes. But they did recommend this place, so we went. Upon arrival the lady was extremely helpful, kind, and efficient. She made sure everything was done quick ...

    - Kenny Jobst

  • Always given immediate attention.  In and out if there quickly. Friendly people, great owner.  I'd like to use them consistently! Highly recommend.

    - Shelley Webb

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Consulting Pharmacy

for Medication Questions

Anytime you have a question about the medication you are taking or how to use something you have purchased we are here to talk to you. We are constantly updating our inventory and keeping up with the ever-changing prescription drug market. If you need consultation after you receive your prescription, we are happy to provide it.

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Barclay Pharmacy offers FREE DELIVERY for your Prescription Medication


Compounding Pharmacy in
Venice Beach, FL

Compounding is another way to serve our customers while providing customized and individual medical
needs. We offer non-sterile compounding, veterinary compounding, and hormone therapy.

Helping You With the Best Medicine –

Our compounding pharmacy services mean we adjust the medication to fit the individual patient. This could mean changing a pill to a liquid or adjusting the dosage to fit the patient’s need for less or more.

What a Compounding Pharmacy Does –

Compounding helps if you have sensitivity or an allergy to a certain medicine because it allows the pharmacists to adjust it based on your needs to take the offending ingredient out.

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Medical Equipment and

Supplies in Venice Beach

We offer many items to help make your life easier. Just like our pharmacy services, the medical equipment and supplies we carry are high-quality. From diabetic supplies to crutches, we have everything you need to take care of yourself with comfort and safety. This means medical equipment and supplies from top brands. Our customers deserve the best! We can deliver the medical equipment you need directly to you.

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Lifts and Wheelchair

Rentals with Fit in Mind

When a cane or walker won’t do the trick anymore, let us help you find the perfect wheelchair to regain your mobility. From lightweight to heavy-duty with 300 lb capacity, our team knows how to find the right wheelchair for you. And just like all our services, this one is designed with customer convenience in mind. Barclay Pharmacy’s wheelchair rental, leases and sales services come to our customers throughout Venice, Venice Beach, Nokomis, Osprey FL, and the Surrounding Areas.

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Pharmacy Services

to Answer Your Questions

We are a family-owned, customer-focused pharmacy. This means we are concerned about the health of the Venice community and take the time you need to understand your medications. If you ever have questions regarding compounding pharmacy services, vitamins, unit dosing and more, we are happy to help. We also can perform cholesterol and blood pressure screenings to alert any possible issues or just check in on your health status. As part of the Venice community, we offer courtesy services such as notary, fax, workers compensation issues, personal charge accounts and more. Visit us today!

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