Wheelchair Leasing, Wheelchair Rental, Lift Chairs, and more for Venice, Venice Beach, Nokomis, Osprey FL, and the Surrounding Areas

Wheelchair Sales, Leasing and Rentals

Sometimes you get to a point where a cane or walker won’t do the trick anymore. You might need something a little more efficient to get around in. That is where our wheelchair rental service comes in to help you. Wheelchair rentals are also a great option for short-term rehabilitation, testing it out or just trying to figure out the next steps.

Mobility is one thing we can give

Everyone will encounter some type of mobility challenge at one point or another. A trip to the grocery store, the park or a family function are parts of life that should not be missed. Let us match you with the right wheelchair, lift chair, walker or other mobility equipment that will expand possibilities for you for fresh air, socialization and more.

Customized wheelchairs in Venice Beach

Not one mobility device fits everyone. Will the rider be the one controlling the wheelchair, or will someone else push it? Does the rider have the ability to move their own wheelchair or do they need a motorized wheelchair or a scooter? Are there special circumstances such as other equipment that needs to be taken into consideration?

A special fit for you.

When you come to Barclay Pharmacy, you have the benefit of wheelchair fitting services from our experts. We have been helping the Venice community with getting the right wheelchair since 1979. We take a number of things into consideration such as your shape and height. A chair for a 5-foot senior is different from a heavy duty chair with a weight limit of 300 lbs and a wide seat. Both customers would require vastly different wheelchairs to serve them.

Wheelchair and Mobility Equipment Delivery

When you are recuperating at home or find yourself in the need of a wheelchair or mobility device, going out in the car to a store may be the last thing you can do. This is where the wheelchair and mobility device delivery services works for you. We always want to provide top customer service, and this includes delivery of wheelchairs to your home in Venice, Venice Beach, Nokomis, Osprey FL, and the Surrounding Areas.

We will need to ask you some questions to make sure we are getting the right fit, and our experts are sure to find what you need. When we deliver the wheelchair to you, we will make sure you understand how to use it and the features and functions before we leave.